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My name is Marina and I was born, raised and studied in Athens, where I live and work until today having been active in various fields, one of which is the creation of entirely handmade handbags.

My love for the art of hand-made knitting is something that manifested itself already in my childhood, where observing my grandmother and my mother knitting regularly and above all pleasantly, it didn't take long for the moment of my desire to nurture myself with the my turn in this tradition.

Growing up, and especially after my adulthood, I gradually began to focus more on the creation of handmade handbags as I noticed more and more that it had evolved into an integral daily accessory of every woman regardless of age, occasion and financial background.
Therefore, I thought it beautiful to try to capture in each bag as much as possible the personality of a woman unknown to me each time who will recognize in the bag at least a part of her ¨being¨, which will emerge through the characteristic type of knitting, the multifaceted design, the combination of various colors and other distinct details.

So with the above reasoning in mind, I created this website, which you are honoring with your visit, to promote my effort through the exhibition of my creations.

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About Crochet

Crocheting is a form of handicraft for the manufacture of knitted objects quite different from knitting with needles.
All the evidence shows that knitting is a relatively recent invention.

The first findings of knitting were found in Egypt and date from the 11th to the 14th centuries.


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